How to unlock Laptop Charger and fix It

Charger does not enter or can not be used? It certainly makes us fret if it is an adaptors that is damaged or the reason that is sitting another thing? To make sure it needs to open it. Well when we want to open the charger certainly fret about the reason that the adapter there is no bolt or screw but using glue. How do I open a dead laptop charger?

Dead laptop chargers are sometimes caused by several things. The reason is that there is a charger cable that broke the Didalamanya so that the fatwa does not come in that causes Chairriyahliea not come in, able to also exist components that loose end falls, etc. If you want to change the laptop charger, surely it is quite expensive. For that it is good to try fixing a laptop charger who knows only the cord is loose.

I've had a laptop charger experience as an ant house so the fatwa does not come in. Then I fret how to open a laptop charger? Well according to experience, here I try to divide how to open a laptop charger.

How to uninstall Laptop Charger

To unload or open a laptop charger need to prepare several tools, including:

1. Screwdriver to grafe the charger casing
2. Eucalyptus oil
3. Plastic Glue

Of course you fret why oil is eucalyptus. The function of eucalyptus oil here is to open the glue adhesives from the charger. Here are the steps to open a laptop charger:

1. Pour Ptuih timber oil on the sidelines of the charger connection. Pour evenly on all around the connection
2. Wait about 15-20 minutes let the eucalyptus oil work Soffy glue Adhesives
3. Congkel charger Casing using screwdriver. If the glue is still hard, can be re-allowed to let the eucalyptus oil completely remove the adhesive tape.
4. After being Puenex all, open the casing and look inside.

The time of my experience is that there are many ants in it that resulted in a fatwa obstructed. After that I cleaned and apparently still does not turn on. How to fix it? Well next try the way below

How to fix a Laptop Charger

Well this phase of fixing, the other tool warden resembles a multi tester.

5. To fix it we need to know where the damage is. It is necessary to check one by one, including:

  • Check all Elco-Elco and note that there are bulging or leaking. If there is, replace the same size.
  • Check NTC with dashed multitester or not.
  • Check that Fuse is dropped, if the break is replaced recently.
  • Check the bridge diode from the AC input line
  • Disconnection the attached Mosfet is heatsink, measuring using a multitester. Usually these mosfets are often damaged. Then replace it with a new one. Can be replaced with IRF830 series or the like.
  • Check the Schotky diode in the secondary area of the shape resembles a three-footed transistor that is usually the MBR20200CT series when the diode is short replacing it with a brand or similar.
  • Check other components if they are not capable of being turned on. Also check PWM IC usually wear IC UC3843 usually rupture or burn.

Well, if you have found where the problem is, you can change it yourself or if not experienced to be able to the electronics service you entrust. So on how to fix a Chager laptop. For some people replacing the component such as Elco can be done alone if there is a tool of the Soldernya. But sometimes to receive elco that suits what we need is rather difficult. Usually if the laptop charger damage, the best alternative is to buy a charger gres with a lower quality, then done cannibal, it means to take the part you need and install it to our old charger. Maybe some brands and types of laptops have expensive charger prices, and sometimes make us regret when buying charger Gres then uninstall and pick up the components only. But this action is their choice. Want a bad quality charger to be used or dismantled and repair the brand by picking up its components only, you decide. Greetings
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