How to solve Bluetooth Error or damage on Android

How to fix HP Bluetooth Error? Bluetooth is one of the most popular features in transferring data or files on your phone or smartphone. Bluetooth makes it easy to move files one or many into other gadgets in a short time and wirelessly. That's why Bluetooth is very important for any gadget either mobile, tablet, or sartphone. Then what if Bluetooth in HP is damaged? Is it necessary to replace components? Well no need to panic. This time we will talk about the inid of how to fix it.

To fix an unlit bluetooth need to be analyzed the previous cause. Damaged Bluetooth is capable of repairing the origin is not physically affected. However, if physically damaged, such as a phone falling or dropping, it may be capable of damaging the Bluetooth device, but if it is not most likely it can still be repaired if the system is back to normal. Therefore, it is important that we know and analyze the cause of the sitting case let when we carry out the repair does not have to seam to other components that Bergotong-royong not broken. 

Bluetooth does not want to be active due to many factors. If there is no collision of hard objects or falls, most likely the hardware is still safe, and can be repaired without having to buy components or spare parts for your phone. To resolve the Bluetooth error can see the steps below:

There are several ways to fix Bluetooth that won't turn on, Bluetooth fails to send files, or Bluetooth doesn't want to get the file, here are the ways it can be done:

  • The first way, if the Bluetooth you are experiencing the case when sending files, always fail to send files, or can not get the file, although the Bluetooth condition is on or the Bluetooth sign is already active, it is worth trying to turn off your smartphone and Remove the battery. Wait a few moments and plug it in again and turn it on. If still not lit can do the next way
  • Second Way, open the menu and go to Settings, then select Apps then All. After that select Bluetooth Share then press Clear Data/Clear Cache. If still not, keep in mind before Bluetooth is off and previously install the app, then it is better to remove the application because it is capable of interfering with Bluetooth performance.
  • The third way, if both ways above did not work, most likely there was a matter of sitting on the system. What to do is factory reset to restore all settings to factory settings or resemble the first time you buy. But do not forget to implement data backup first because after implementing factory reset then in stored in the phone memory will be lost. Who knows there are data, photos, videos and other files that you think are important. For how to implement a factory reset, each brand and phone type have a factory reset way on its own. You can GOOGLINGC that suits your brand and tipesmartphoen or tablet.

If all three ways are not successful means the hardware is problematic, aka Bluetooth IC ask to be replaced. If you intend to change, there is a good replacement made by experts or service let me faster and precise.

If you have any other errors resembling Wi-Fi, you can follow the steps in: How to overcome the corrupted hp Android Wi-Fi

So on how to cope with Bluetooth that is not alive or will not turn on, hopefully useful for you.
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