How to Resolve Android Touch Screen not Working Partially

The screen is not blurry, and also no black patches on the screen, so physically the screen is still normal. Then what are the causes that cause some of its LCD to malfunction?

Some touch screens do not work happening by several factors. Perhaps the end of something happened before resembling a victim hit by a collision or falling. Or be able to end inappropriate use, inserting into a very narrow pocket so that the screen continues to be depressed, or the end of incorrect use in use or storage.

Touch screen or LCD on Android phone is indeed one of the vital episodes and arguably quite expensive if damaged. Surely we have a special concern when the screen is not normal, especially arise this problem. But do not panic first reason that if we are able to do it yourself do not need to be brought to the service let alone consume a lot of costs for improvement. If we are able to fix it ourselves, it is good to try first who knows able to return to normal without needing replacement components or LCD that is quite high price. Not to mention if brought to service usually days while we need a mobile phone for communication. Makara it is good to try first, but be careful that there is no damage in other components. Well to cope with the partially dead screen, some of these ways may be able to try to solve a touch screen problem that is partially not alive.

How to solve partial touch screen errors

The screen is partially error, either off partially or the screen doesn't work partially, it's worth trying out some of the following ways:

1. Activate the Pointer Location menu

By activating this we can tell if some of the screens that do not work are completely damaged or only less sensitive.

To activate Pointer Location, you first need to go to Developer Options, how to:

  • Go to Settings menu then click About
  • After that appears Build Number, click as much as 5x or 7x (different brand of mobile phone way) until the developer Mode menu appears.

  • After the Developer Options menu appears, click on the Pointer Location menu. Tick the Pointer Location field to activate it.

If you have activated the Location pointer menu, a line appears when the touchscreen is touched, the line that appears describing the touchscreen episode or the touch screen is still good and works, if all the episodes are able to be clicked like that, Likely the screen is still good, so the problem of the error screen is partly not because of the effect of the screen, but if some of the problems touched does not appear lines, it means the display is problematic and must replace the LCD.

If all the dots still appear lines that explain the screen is still normal, then what to do is Factory Reset to overcome the screen does not work a part of it.

2. Check the position of LCD

Next, check the position of the LCD against the holder on the mobile phone plate. This is done if your phone's screen has a previous final problem that occurs something like a bump or crashed. How:

  • Open your phone's closing case
  • Open the LCD episode, and see its LCD socket
  • Visually, the is a may be problematic, capable of spraying Contact Cleaner
  • See also its LCD, whether there is physical impurity e.g. cracking, etc. Most likely if physically damaged, it is worth replacing the new LCD.

Thus how to overcome the LCD does not work partially on Android. Screen device is very risky against damage, because smartphones that when this mostly use touchscreen features, touchscreen is the most used device. For that notice in use and storage hopefully not easily broken. The correct treatment on smartphones can help the lifespan of your phone longer greetings
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